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Sno Chung is a weak guy, not really a macho or a warrior who only had been admiring machoism and strong guys for his whole life. Naturally, for a longtime, he kept looking down traditional gay-looking celebrities including many k-pop stars , and just maintained his ugly body. Because men don't care about their looks. At a sudden, he thought how he can judge those people without living with their 'typical' features. Consequently, Sno Chung decided to have one of k-pop idol's average features which is achievable, and that was 'weight' and 'boy body-shape. It is a small project to broaden his border-line in his head.

BTS is RM (Kim Nam-Joon). He’s 181 cm/5’11” tall and weighs around 67 kg/148 lbs.

Sno Chung is 174 cm/5’9” tall and weighs around 63 kg/148 lbs.

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