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AI is not something that visual artists can play with yet since they do not have a symbolic shape yet. Why are artists bringing the concept of AI into their art practice? That's because it sounds new and they think that it will be easier to put their name in the art history, but I reckon that it is not that enjoyable yet sensually, giving you more discomfort than reality now. Why does it have to be fresh? People are good at connecting your art to something that they already know before. 


Are you living to seize the time?


It is important to find a way higher your entropy since then there will be more possibility.


Although some problems tend to overshadow whole the universe, they will just be a part of the universe later on just like how religion had been so in society. You can witness the same pattern throughout human history. I personally think that art history also works in the same way, it is better to be the most provocative one now, so it will be writable in the future. Then be bold. 


To me, art is all about creating gravity related to life.


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