My perspective is a flying dot in the universe.


Two opposite concepts meet together on the borderline.

Countless dots make a line and lines create a 2-dimensional shape.

A dot itself is also a 2-dimensional figure up to how much you magnify it.

All the matter is about where your perspective locates.

Is that fixed or flexible? And which one is better? Who can define that? 

It is just very situational.


I set up a trigger to bring in your obsession while you are enjoying my arts.

Once you are in this game, you are in my world.

You do not have to worry about thinking the same as someone else,

because it is impossible to be identically same.

Confusion, then I would say that it is maybe because you did not try to see it simply.

Comfort, then I would say that it is maybe because you did not try to doubt it. 

Ultimate simplicity and complexity are the same concepts in my head.

It is all about emptying the direction.    

Sometimes I’m stuck in reality.

Sometimes in my imaginary world. 

We are all stuck there in between reality and imagination,

and painting is the hope for me, to be free from all of these conflictions.

I do not remember the future.

The only thing that I can do with this state is presenting oxymoronic moments.

Space, colours, texture, materials, and the accumulation of my daily life are all inter-connected with and without orders.

I dream the world without direction. 


I am here and there.

Ottokaji (1989), lives and works in Groningen, NL from Seoul, Korea

Frank mohr institute  (Groningen, NL)            Painting                                      M.F.A          2020

Hongik University   (Seoul, Kor)                          Painting, Graphic design    B.F.A           2017

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