I see everything within correlativity. In the process of my formalisation, it works in the same way.

What is the meaning of an individual concerning otherness ?

I imagine myself to be an object or other creature. That is how I create my works. 


The daily confrontation with many droppings in the Netherlands was fascinating to me. Birds can drop it intermittently or harshly like a bomber without a plan. One day it landed on my shoulder like destiny.

I questioned whether it was intentional or not.

That was an enjoyable trip in my head since it was purely my imagination which may not be related to the bird's mind.


Regardless of contexts, in the end, what remains are purely visuals, whatever I've processed. That should come to you personally which can be none of the artists' intention. I detach myself from my artwork at the end of the process, it is there as other live-beings. The state of Nirvana inspires me since, with this state, people will have no anxiety but still be alive.

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