Ottokaji Iroke is a multi-disciplinary artist. He focuses on non-arts for his arts. He is fascinated by the power topology of the economy, bloody history such as 'Mimizuka (耳塚)' and sports and he loves the form of hip-hop. His daily life and interests are combined, and he aestheticises them. It is a suggestional transformation of his life and mentality for perceptual experiences. 

Everybody has a comparatively different worldview, and he plays with that. He does not limit all the sensual capacity of human beings, not only to visuals but also to audio, scents and atmosphere etc.

Contemplation and creation are his daily duty to see beyond the surface.
He creates a scene in which you might imagine and feel something.
It is like an incident where a familiar thing or event confronts viewers in an unsettling, eerie, or uncomfortable context in a mysterious manner.
His explorations start from an empty surface by regarding himself as a 'dot'. The historicality is in personal 'Everydayness' to him. One dot links to another, calling it a 'line'. Likewise, one metaphor reflects the other and connects each other organically. He sees the substantial connection in the process of his formalistic practices to the flow of accumulative times; history, then, is all layered by humans. He believes that he reflects this mechanism in his practice. It is a never-ending conflict. The artist dreams of capturing and twisting a metaphoric moment which is valid now. Thus, it is worth it to share with contemporary people. 
Currently, he enjoys going to thrift shops and trash dumping areas to find interesting materials, which is a perfect place to indulge his curiosity through the transformability of existing materials. He proactively uses synthetic materials such as PVC, neon colours reflecting lights with artificial textures, or plastic bags, which are light but still suffocating. The spectrum is broad, from organic materials to industrials. The artist creates distinctive compositions of multilayered narratives in the given 'accidental scene' in the end. The audience also travels as a flying dot, once they meet his world.
There is no beginning nor ending, time is ticking, and it is all intertwined by the artist. 
He keeps searching for chaos in balance as a live being, creating a never-ending dialogue.


BFA  Painting                                                            

BFA  Visual communication design               
MFA  Painting                                                            


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Kvk: 80377955



Hongik University, Seoul, KOR                    2017

Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, NL       2020

Hongik University, Seoul, KOR                    2017

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