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Ottokaji Iroke (어떡하지 이렇게, 1989, born in Seoul, KR) is currently based in the Hague(NL). He is a multi-perspectivist with multi-disciplines.

Often he questions where it is from and where it is going, and tries to transcend the time with his activity. He enjoys the process of solving intuitive errors sensually in his style. Other people's wacky ways of solving their daily lives problem inspire him, and it leads to his engagement in his creative activities. His works include memes, gifs, image collages, drawings, paintings, sculptures, performances, videos, and audio for site-specific installations. He becomes happy when he imagines a static object liquifying and dancing.

서울에서 나고 자랐으며 네덜란드 헤이그에서 작업하고 있습니다.

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BFA  Painting                                                            

BFA  Visual communication design               
MFA  Painting                                                            


CV upon request

Kvk: 80377955


Hongik University, Seoul, KOR                    2015 - 2017

Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, NL       2018 - 2020

Hongik University, Seoul, KOR                    2009 - 2015

© 2021 By Ottokaji

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